Scandal In The House Of Bey

It's been a good run of a business relationship
It’s been a good run of a business relationship

I wonder how the Church of Beyonce is going to explain this to their Beyciples…..do I even want to know of the blasphemy that they’ll come up with? However, what we do know is that they are grown, they are human, they are prone to mistakes and who are we really to judge. Yeah, it’s fun to speculate but how many times do we want people really speculating and giving their little opinion in our affairs.

Despite what went on in the elevator, she's working her outfit
Despite what went on in the elevator, she’s working her outfit

Solange from the beginning has always marched to a different drum and I like her for that. I appreciate her music, her style, her personality and a lot more. What I will say is that she kind of gets a bad rep. for falling into an “angry black woman” stereotype or the black sheep because she isn’t as successful as Beyonce.

Girl would have pulled a Marlo Hampton if she had a razor blade with her. I'm convinced!
Girl would have pulled a Marlo Hampton if she had a razor blade with her. I’m convinced!

Unfortunately, Solange wasn’t aware that there were probably cameras in the elevator or if she did realize she didn’t care. In which that case, I would automatically assume she was doing this for some publicity stunt. Although, I would hope she’d have more tact then involving her own sister in a stunt that could be kind of damaging for all parties involved. I think if the bodyguard hadn’t been there to help Jay-Z, Solange would have just made a complete fool of herself.

Whatever it is, I hope that they do get it squared away.

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2 thoughts on “Scandal In The House Of Bey”

  1. “Beyciples” LOLOL You are too much! Great post, amor. I love Solange- her underground style and music have more depth than Bey’s (I hope the Beygency doesn’t read this.)
    As for the high kick to Jay-Z’s face…I don’t think it was a publicity stunt…also, it wasn’t thatttt bad lol I have witnessed fights between family members that would shock Maury Povich


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