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Is It Possible To Be Too Inspired?

I'm so inspired at the moment that I'm feeling to inspired. It's kind of frustrating because I can't pick a focal point. I can't focus on one simple thing, just a bunch of inspiration and can't seem to get into gear. I have too much to look forward to this summer and upcoming fall that I wish it were kind of here already so that I could be pursuing new endeavors. Ya know?!

Change is good though, so I'm welcoming it with open arms. I want to embrace it. September will roll around before I know and then it'll be time to swing into action.


Get learners permit again.

Learn to drive.

Pass driver’s license test.

Save. Save. Save. Save. Save. Save. Save.

Enjoy summer!


Le Sigh

Breathe Again


This song is beautiful
This song is beautiful

“And I can’t stop thinkin’ about. About the way my life would be. No I can’t stop thinkin’ about. How your love could be leavin’ me. And I can’t get you outta my mind. God knows how hard I tried. And if you walked right out my life. God knows I surely die!……..That, I shall never, never breathe again. Breathe again!”

This is something myself doing quite often about you. As long as I can remember you’ve been an important factor in my life. It’s a different kind of love. You mean so much to me. You really do. I hold you to a different light in my life. I appreciate all that you done. The times through good and bad, you’ve helped me make it through. I really do and now this is really hard for me to say.

I think we need to take a break from each other. Just a little while. You’ll understand someday. I just want you to have the strength and courage to remain strong as I’ll do the same for you. If things remain afterwards then “We’re in this love together and we got the kind that’ll last forever!”-Al Jarreau I’m embarking on a different path and while I know you’ll be there right by my side, supporting me the entire time, I need to do this on my own. I need to appreciate you for all your worth! Appreciate the beauty of you! Treat you like you all that your worth! Can you understand the pain? Can you stand the rain?

Just taking a needed break from buying shoes that I really have no use for. Just trying to plan a little more responsibly for the next chapter in life!

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10 Street Style Tips For Spring Style

“See I’d rather be a freq than not be unique. Individuality makes life better.”–Pharrell Williams “FREQ”

Follow these tips and you'll be all set!
Follow these tips and you’ll be all set!

Having style isn’t has hard as it looks. Yes, of course, most of the street style kids are getting their clothes for free so that they can look effortless and cool in their pictures, while everyone else has to buy cautiously to build that perfect closet. However, there are some helpful tips for what to borrow this spring.

The key thing to remember: Don’t copy. Being inspired helps(music typically inspires my daily life, clothes too!)The style that we have as people is unique to us, so let that shine through. From investing in designer running sneakers or how to wear the ever so hard denim on denim look, see which of these 10 Street Style Tips For Spring Style you can use.

Christopher Kane SS14
Christopher Kane SS14

Print. Logo. Bold :  From internet symbols, racing stripes and literally off your public transportation. The typical floral pattern is always a safe bet but why not live a little and get graphic!

This is as tasteful as camouflage gets
This is as tasteful as camouflage gets

Let’s Be Tasteful With Our Camo: Personally, not one of my favorites. Ever. For some reason, this trend just doesn’t stay where it belongs. Do you plan on wearing camo to the office anytime soon? Consider camo  a bright color. Now contrast with solid pieces. An accessory such as a bag, iPad case, etc. gives you a OOTD that is right on the money!

You can always play your denim safe
You can always play your denim safe

Wear Denim Together. Wash Separate: Wearing different color denim washes together creates an effortlessly cool look. Stick to washes two shades different from each other or you can always turn it up by wearing colored denim. Have fun with this. Why not try acid-wash, white,black or even super light jeans.

Paris Fashion Week
Paris Fashion Week

The Key Is In The Details: It’s the simple little details on a shirt matter! Variations in fabric allow people to actually notice your own unique style. A paisley elbow and a speckled Chambray are clear indicators of bold and boring. No matter how expensive a piece of clothing is, a guy really only feels confident in his own clothes. Style is about noticing things that others don’t. That’s why it’s important to develop an eye for things you like that your less fashionable friends might not notice.

Burberry Prorsum SS14
Burberry Prorsum SS14

Brave. Bold. Choose Carefully: I’m a firm believer that at least one thing in your closet should scream when you open the closet door! So why can’t it be your jacket. Camo is an option, plaid or another pattern that pleases your eye. Stay safe with Olive, Tan, Grey and Black. Remember if it’s too bold, you might have to wait to recycle that look!

Herschel Supply Co.
Herschel Supply Co.

College Dropout: If you live in the city, the backpack is like your choice of bag. So let’s change it up this season and let’s leave our L.L. Bean and Jansport backpacks in elementary school where they belong. Opt for a Herschel Supply Co.!

Cheap Monday
Cheap Monday

Your Denim Jacket Goes With Everything: Trust me fellas this is one of the most versatile pieces you can add to your wardrobe. They’ve been around for over a century. Hoodie? Wear it with a denim jacket! Dress code at work? Fight against conformity by wearing your denim jacket as a blazer all you have to do is  pair with  slim-fit trousers and an Oxford, your set to go! Thank Me Later!

Maison Martin Margiela
Maison Martin Margiela

Jog In Style: Well, I’ll pretend to jog. Balenciaga, Maison Martin Margiela and many more have in common?  They have in common the ability to make sneakers beyond belief. Gone are the days of having a pair of ugly shoes to go with your “Casual Run Around & Do Errands” outfit. Futuristic. Sleek. Bold.

Have fun with neon colors
Have fun with neon colors

Neon Lights. Neon Lights: Keep It Cute or Put It On Mute. If you opt for trying this out, keep it pretty low-key by wearing darker colors. People will think your super stylish because you’re wearing such a daring choice!

T  by Alexander Wang
T by Alexander Wang

Blacker Than Black: Black is one of the easiest colors to actually build your daily look from. It’s why it’s the uniform of choice among the fashionable. You’ll always look dressed up, super chic without trying. Tones aren’t the issue here, the problem your going to run into is fabric. Cottons and linens are great for easy to move in, breathable materials and looser fit tees and buttons up help you from becoming a sticky mess.

Just a few ways to reinvent your style for the spring. Be a bit daring. Everyone will tell you how dashing you look.


When your hair is right.You feel complete.

My New Favorite Haircut

Whatever Coco says, just trust it!
I trust this statement despite being a man. It holds true as well. 

If you live in Boston or the surrounding area and you are in need of a life changing haircut, let me make tell you who will make that happen! Jesse Blodgett down at Salon Mario Russo on Newbury St is the man!

When your hair is right.You feel complete.
When your hair is right.You feel complete.

Now that my hair is darker at the moment, I wanted to fade it so that it would grow out nice. I normally see Tyler but was left in the hands of new stylist Jesse. I left it to him to decide how he would go about it and I think he did a pretty spectacular job. I’m one of those people that’s extremely picky but I don’t know what I want either.

Keep It Cute. Keep It Fresh.
Keep It Cute. Keep It Fresh.

Most of the time at the barbershop, they use clippers and then sometimes they’ll blend with scissors. Midway through the haircut, Jesse employed an awesome technique of razor blending to really blend the lines for a nice fade!

I really love my haircut!
I really love my haircut!

Honestly, I couldn’t be more happy with my haircut!

Note: I’ve had a lot of haircuts and I’m typically never this happy. I’m very happy!


You Got To Be Happy In Life

Sunday Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Jump Up

Jeffrey Campbell Jump Up
Jeffrey Campbell Jump Up

Jeffrey Campbell’s new spring sneaker “Jump Up” is pretty amazing! I just found out about it the other day and I’m already in love with it. It’s not even in my closet yet!

Jeffrey Campbell Jump Up
Jeffrey Campbell Jump Up

Metallic. 4 Inch Platform(Flatform). These shoes truly speak to me. I just need it in my life. Of course, it’s sold out in my size though!

Jeffrey Campbell Jump Up
Jeffrey Campbell Jump Up

What Do You Think?

Sunday Shoes: Normal Shoes

I finally caved. I got a pair of shoes that are so normal it’s not even funny. I bought a pair of Vans in the classic style slip-on.  Checkered black on black. It was cool until I realized how uncomfortable it was. Literally was cutting off the circulation in my foot!!!Totally uncomfortableTotally uncomfortable

So after wearing them twice, I brought them back and actually exchanged them for the Vans in a classic lace style. SO MUCH BETTER!!!!!!! At $50 a pair, it’s a pretty good deal.

Much better
Much better


Last year's winner Ala Hashemi
Last year’s winner Ala Hashemi

For the 3rd year in a row, ALANGOO is hosting their egg decorating contest. People from all over the world are invited to give photos via Facebook or Twitter or you can directly email to: It’ll be fun. The winner receives a $50 credit to spend on ALANGOO.

You can read the official blog post here.

To learn more about Persian New Year, Norooz and Haftseen, click here!



Music Monday: Spring Playlist

It doesn’t really take a lot to impress me musically. Well, actually it does. I have particulars for my music and I expect those expectations to be met. Good beat. Good melody. Good lyrics. Honestly, if you don’t like it, probably will appeal to me much more. I like what others don’t like it.

That being said, I’m currently in love with a lot of different things. ESPECIALLY that song in the Target commercial by HAIM.

Currently Being Overplayed:

Forever – HAIM

Fancy – Iggy Azalea feat. Charlie XCX

Come A Little Closer – Cage the Elephant

Charlie Brown – Coldplay

#Selfie – The Chainsmokers

2 On – Tinash feat. Schoolboy Q

Help Me Lose My Mind(Paul Woolford Remix) – Disclosure

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