End of Summer: PTown Carnival 2014

Morning At The Marina
Morning At The Marina

Summer is officially over! Nothing else to look forward to this season. I could be bummed out about it, however, I’m not. I’m actually taking the time to look back on the fun things that I did when I wasn’t working. One of those things actually was experiencing Provincetown during the summer months!

Provincetown is a wonderful community at the tip of cape in Massachusetts. A wide array of many people and in the summer it gets really packed. My friend Joe who run’s Contagious Events hosted a trip to Ptown for their Carnival celebration in August. If you’ve never experienced, it is something you must. Thank you Ryan for use of your boat! Hopefully next year we get to be in the parade. Looks like a lot of fun!



Music Monday: Nicki Minaj All Up On Your Stereo

Usually when I get plastic surgery I try not to bring in a picture of "Tickle Me Elmo"
Usually when I get plastic surgery I try not to bring in a picture of “Tickle Me Elmo”

Nicki Minaj… either love her or you hate her. I like her mix tape stuff when she was “Beam Me Up Scotty” or “Sticks In My Bun”  and that was on the days of IMEEM!

Even though I knew  she was releasing an album, I had to scratch my head and say “With what relevance?” “Pills N Potion” it’s an okay song, I get it. For some reason, I got excited for “Anaconda” 

Every girl is going to be posing like this to take #Selfies now
But first let me take a #selfie

If you are a fan of the 90’s booty shaking Sir MixALot’s “Baby Got Back”, you’ll love Anaconda. Playing one of her many characters, this song is sure to TURN UP parties and clubs everywhere! Can’t wait to see the video and the “Twerk” she came up with for the video.

We Just Some Pretty Bad Bitches
We Just Some Pretty Bad Bitches

Beyicki? Neyonce? Whatever the hell you want to call these two, just make sure you stay on their team! Everyone is all like she’s addressing the “Elevator Scandal” and let’s be real…..she really didn’t. This song just throws all kind of shade while making sure that everything you do is FLAWLESS! There’s another remix version of this track, Lil Kim recorded a version where she added her vocals in……I mean I could understand Foxy Brown over Lil Kim but that’s none of my business.

Really? Kim C'mon
Really? Kim C’mon

Nicki Minaj-Anaconda

Beyonce-Flawless(Nicki Minaj remix)


Music Monday: Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks
Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks aka Hip Hop’s Bratty Little Sister has finally dropped her new single “Heavy Metal and Reflective.” Which means she could be one step closer to actually dropping her début album “Broke With Expensive Taste” which has continuously been put on the backburners since 2012.

Listen Here

I don’t care for the song personally. Hopefully the lead single from the album is better.



If I Didn't Have Shoes

Shoes On My Feet

Need I really say more? You probably do not know, but I have an affinity for shoes. As if the world my world will crumble around me if I don’t have more shoes in my closet than I can actually wear at any given moment. Remember when I said I donated a bunch of shoes? As a present to myself for donating shoes, I end up with 5 new pairs in my closet. Clearly, I have a problem.

I love shoes. This has been my summer through shoes.

Summer Mix

Summer Playlist

What You Could Be Listening To
What You Could Be Listening To

If you live in New England, summer unofficially starts on Memorial Day Weekend. That's why it's important to have the right playlist to start the weekend off perfectly.


It's no secret that I'm addicted to music. As I like to do, let me share what I'm listening with you! Like always I'd love to know what you are listening to.

Gucci Mane-Party Animal(Hud Mo RMX)

Lil Jon feat. Tyga-Bend Ova

Tujamo-Hey Mister


Bassnectar feat. Rye Rye-Now

LIZ feat. Tyga- Don't Say

Electric Head-This Head I Hold

Saint feat. Dai Burger-Tamagotchi(Remix)

Mark Ronson-Record Collection(Perseus Remix)



Scandal In The House Of Bey

It's been a good run of a business relationship
It’s been a good run of a business relationship

I wonder how the Church of Beyonce is going to explain this to their Beyciples… I even want to know of the blasphemy that they’ll come up with? However, what we do know is that they are grown, they are human, they are prone to mistakes and who are we really to judge. Yeah, it’s fun to speculate but how many times do we want people really speculating and giving their little opinion in our affairs.

Despite what went on in the elevator, she's working her outfit
Despite what went on in the elevator, she’s working her outfit

Solange from the beginning has always marched to a different drum and I like her for that. I appreciate her music, her style, her personality and a lot more. What I will say is that she kind of gets a bad rep. for falling into an “angry black woman” stereotype or the black sheep because she isn’t as successful as Beyonce.

Girl would have pulled a Marlo Hampton if she had a razor blade with her. I'm convinced!
Girl would have pulled a Marlo Hampton if she had a razor blade with her. I’m convinced!

Unfortunately, Solange wasn’t aware that there were probably cameras in the elevator or if she did realize she didn’t care. In which that case, I would automatically assume she was doing this for some publicity stunt. Although, I would hope she’d have more tact then involving her own sister in a stunt that could be kind of damaging for all parties involved. I think if the bodyguard hadn’t been there to help Jay-Z, Solange would have just made a complete fool of herself.

Whatever it is, I hope that they do get it squared away.

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And Then Your 28

If Mary can do it....I can do it too!!!
If Mary can do it….I can do it too!!!

Life is life and the things that happen in life are just little obstacles that try to set us back. I’m learning that I can’t let those things define me because then what was the learning experience in that, right?

I Suck At Taking #Selfies
I Suck At Taking #Selfies

I was dreading turning 28 for a multitude of reasons. However, they really just ended up being excuses for not going out and celebrating another year in life. The older I get the less, I want to go out to an actual club(although I can still get down and dance) and I opt for a relaxing evening with friends. However, I was dying to wear one of the tops that I bought! Of course, I needed pants as well and I have to say I put together a super cute outfit. I’m still convinced that if I didn’t get my haircut, I would have looked  rather “Basic” and that’s not cute.

Birthday dinner at Sonsie with Tyler and Racine. You always appreciate the time that you spend with people when you don’t see them everyday at work anymore. So that was a fun actual birthday night. Then Saturday night it was off to Oberon with Eve to see “The Donkey Show” which is an amazing version of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Think Studio 54 meets William Shakespeare but completely interactive. I highly recommend if you haven’t been!

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I bet she can do The Dougie effortlessly.....

Jodie Foster Got What She Deserved

The Little Girl Who Lives Down The Lane
The Little Girl Who Lives Down The Lane

For as long as Jodie Foster has been an actress, she's always taken roles in which she is the character that you fall in love with. She's one of those rare child actors that successfully made the jump from child star to adult actress without pulling a Lindsay Lohan or Gary Coleman in between teenager and young adult. It kind of makes me sick this Jodie Foster effect in which she really hasn't taken a role in which she's playing something out of the ordinary.....well maybe in Anna and The King.

Secretary of Defense Delacourt
Secretary of Defense Delacourt

So remember that movie, Elysium, starring Matt Damon as well? The premise of the film is a postapocalyptic Earth in which in the planet is a dismal place filled with minions and Elysium is paradise in space with the privileged. Anyways, Foster plays the Secretary of Defense Delacourt who doesn't really play by the rules. The citizens of Earth want the same medical attention that Elysian's have but anytime there's an attempt, Delacourt sees that it is just that an attempt.  As is the formula for all Dystopian films, there's a disaster that doesn't get solved to almost the end. I don't want to ruin the film just for the simple reason that she does such an impeccable job playing a MEGA-BITCH!

Everybody Loves Jodie Foster
Everybody Loves Jodie Foster

The opening is good. The middle is fluff. The ending is typical. However, Foster is great as always and that's why everyone loves her!


A Major Problem In Society

Le Sigh
Le Sigh

As I grow older and begin to actually care  about the society that I live in, I take notice to the problems that we face. There are so many so it’s truly hard to start talking about just everything from politics, to civil liberties, healthcare, etc. There are a lot of problems in our society and not just here but all over the world.

However, since I don’t have a degree in any of those subjects, I won’t give my opinion. I’m sure that many people who say “Are you kidding me? ” “That’s not a problem!” “You’re a brat!” I’ll own up to the last one but this problem is one that plagues me quite often in life.


You’re getting dressed in an amazing outfit. It’s perfect from head to toe. Everything coordinates. It’s the right cut. It is your voice for the evening. Uh oh! “I CAN’T EVER WEAR THIS OUTFIT AGAIN”

A few years ago, when I was on a Ksubi denim kick, they had a Jeremy Scott limited edition pair which I snagged on eBay(great deal), I also have this amazing Alexander McQueen white tee-shirt, and a pretty rad Dolce & Gabanna blazer. Somehow or another the outfit works! It really does. One day I was looking through pictures and noticed I had it on in multiple pictures. EEK! How did that happen? Why didn’t anyone stop me? 

Recently, I was in the mall and this store was closing down that place so they were having this amazing blowout sale! I purchased a yellow blazer white blue paisley and two interesting 80s style jackets. As I envisioned what else I would wear with these three very unique and bold pieces, I asked myself, how do I wear these pieces not just that first time but other ways so that I get the most out of my clothing.

Have you ever found yourself in this predicament? What would you do? How do you take your best pieces and make them key elements more than once?

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